How To Plan A Hen Night

wedding photosOriginally, the hen night was a special time for all the women to get together with the future bride just before the wedding and to celebrate this event in the bride’s life. As the women gather around, they would tell stories and give advice about marriage, as a way to help the bride-to-be prepare for her marital life. Gifts were also customary during hen night. The gifts were usually things that she would need to take with her when she gets married.

Nowadays, this simple celebration has turned into a grand affair, with women seriously planning to make the hen night into something more fun and memorable. Of course, celebrating hen nights are now more expensive and time consuming. We could even say that planning a hen night is as arduous as planning a wedding.

The ones responsible for planning a hen night are the bridesmaids and most especially, the maid of honor. Since it is the bride-to-be’s event, the maid of honor should remember to get the bride’s opinion on what kind of party she prefers to have.

Before organising a hen night, or any party for that matter, you need to know who is invited and how many will be going to the event. Make sure that you ask the bride who she wants to see at the party. Remember that this party is hers and the she gets the final say as to who are the guests.

Planning a surprise hen party is not a good idea, as there may be other people in the bride’s life who want to throw her the same kind of party. Ask the bride when she’s available and let her know of all the major plans for the party.

Another important thing to consider is the bride’s personality. Make sure that the type of party you’d like to throw is reflective of her interests and character.

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