How to Order the Wedding Cake

2 Tiered Wedding Cake

2 Tiered Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are often fancy and elaborate, designed with intricate designs that match a wedding's theme. And this is understandable. The wedding cake is the focal point of the wedding reception, the fancier the wedding, the fancier the cake.

These cakes may be considered as works of art. It takes significant effort and time to create the perfect piece. This is the reason why the cake preparation takes almost as long as the wedding gown preparation.

An elaborate cake should be ordered at least, two months before the wedding. This will allow the confectioner enough time and attention to dedicate your wedding cake. Give it less time, and the chances are, the cake will get messed up. There will be no time left to perfect minor errors and you would be lucky enough to end up with an acceptable cake.

When ordering a cake, always keep these aspects in mind.

Cake type: Clearly specify what type of cake you want to have. This includes the cake flavour, type, as well as shape. Miss one aspect, and you may end up with something you don't like, or worse, something you're allergic to.

Wedding cake tiers: List down how many tiers you would like your wedding cake to have. The tiers are based on the slices for the guests, so you have to set aside extra pieces.

Decorations: The wedding cake order should include enough description of preferences, but enough to give your confectioner enough space for their creativity. Provide at least what kind of topper you wish to place on your cake.