How to get the best photographer

Research is the key for successful wedding planning. When looking for a photographer a good research might mark the difference between an average wedding album and an excellent photographic memoir of your Big Day. These are some tips on how to get the best photographer for your wedding.

-Talk to friends and family. Recommendations are usually a good first step to find the suitable photographer.

-Interview a couple of photographers to see if their style matches your requirements, and budget! Visit their studio to see what kind of work they do.

-Ask for references.

-Written contract, always. It is essential. The text should include every aspect of the service provided: which photographer will be working at your wedding, if he/she will be using assistants, location, date and time length of all events, type of the package, detailed prices and any additional charges. Cancellation and refund policy terms should also be included on the contract. This part will be very important if the photographer decides not to turn up.

-Clear the fees. It is important to establish what you are actually getting for your money. You need to check if the photo service will be fixed or customized, how many photos are included, reprints, enlargements, etc†¦Make sure the price includes all the extra charges like travel fees and taxes.

-Discuss the types of photographs you would like: style, colour or black/white, digital or film.

-Set a time frame for the delivery of proofs and if you can keep them. If the photographer has a website where to view the pics, that would be ideal.

-Organize the payment schedule and find out if you need to pay a deposit.

-Check the photographer knows the policy of your venue regarding photography.