How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress for your Shape

Before you shop for your perfect wedding dress, it is important that you take a close look at your body shape first. Remember, wedding dresses that look good on other women won’t necessarily look good on you. However, if you choose a dress based on the shape of your body, then it will certainly look good on you.

Below is a category of body shapes and all you have to do is decide which is closest to you. If you want to know what your body shape is, stand in front of a full length mirror. If you are having a hard time distinguishing your body shape, the four main categories below will give you an idea of if you are pear-shaped, rectangular, and petite or an hourglass. As mentioned, you need to take into consideration these things especially when you are thinking of a perfect wedding style.

  • Pear Shaped is the most common body shape where hips are wider than the shoulders. For this body shape, the hips are quite well-defined. A V-neck, strapless or scooped necklines in an off the shoulder style would suit this body shape. Empress lines would also work as well as an off-shoulder or diagonal draping. With this body shape, you would want to avoid styles that will make your hips look bigger such as halter necks or high cut necks. In the picture is an example of wedding dress style suitable for a pear-shaped body.
  • Rectangle Shaped is a body shape where the hips and the shoulders are about the same width. There is not much definition at the waist so a waistline with a V shape at the front will help create an illusion of a smaller waist. Another effect that can create a smaller looking body is structured bodices and corsets. If you have this body shape, avoid wearing halter necks or high necks since these styles tend to make the shoulders look narrow. This look will not flatter the waist, and   also straight cut dresses will make you look like a box.
  • Triangle Shaped is an inverted triangle where the shoulders are wider than the hips. Most size 0f models have this shape and are usually referred to as the "clothes hanger". For this shape a straight cut or bias cut dress would look very sexy and sophisticated. To balance the shoulders and the hips, you can opt for higher neck cuts or halter necks. For this body shape, avoid fancy or full sleeves and wide necklines.
  • Hourglass Shaped is where the shoulders and the hips are the same width. This body shape also has a well-defined waist. If you want to imagine this body shape, just think of Marilyn Monroe. A strapless, scooped or V-neck neckline works best for this body shape. Unless you are very slim and tall, a straight dress or bias cut dress won't suit the well-defined curves of this body shape. Avoid gathered or pleated skirts since it will make the hips look bigger.