How big a Wedding cake is

“How many floors the wedding cake has?” seems to be a popular question among grooms. For the boys’ information, when referred to wedding cakes, the floors are called “tiers”. And how many tiers are needed is usually related to how many guests the couple has invited.

Cake tiers are individual cakes that make one whole cake. Each tier is usually smaller than the previous one. They can be placed on top of each other or be organized separately.

Wedding cake design is a big thing and grooms are getting more and more into designing their wedding cake and deciding how many “floors” it will have. Depending on the number of tiers, wedding cake prices can go from â‚ ¬200 for two tiers cakes to well over â‚ ¬500. So the number of tiers, and yes ladies the grooms are right, it does matter†¦ at least for budgetary purposes.

In America, there’s a new feature that doesn’t seem to be getting to European weddings just yet but it sounds promising. It’s the groom’s cake. The groom’s cake is not a substitute of the wedding cake but an extra. It seems to be back in fashion in the US and it seems to be the perfect solution to the groom’s cake concerns.

It comes originally from Southern tradition, where the groom’s cake used to be sliced and boxed for the unmarried girls attending the wedding. The girls would take their pieces home and put them under their pillows at night, hoping to marry the man of their dreams.

Today, the groom’s cake usually reflects the groom’s interests, hobbies or any other personal characteristics. It also tries to please his tastes so it will probably have plenty of “floors” too