Honeymoon in jail

A couple’s honeymoon in Spanish Costa del Sol ended up in jail as the bride was mistaken for a prostitute by the police, reports Reveal magazine.

Zhanna Safarova and Adam Burgoyne met in an internet chatroom in May 2004. Zhanna is from Saratov, Southern Russia, and Adam is English.

The couple married earlier this year and chose the Costa del Sol as their honeymoon destination. As they arrived in Malaga, Zhanna was arrested. Spanish immigration officers thought Zhanna and Adam were prostitute and pimp.

Zhanna spent eight hours in a cell and then she was put in a plane back to England.

“Everyone was watching, it was the most humiliating and heartbreaking moment of my life,” Zhanna, 27, told Reveal magazine.

Once back in England the traumatized newlyweds organized an alternative honeymoon and two days later the pair flew to Turkey.

Prostitution networks trafficking women from Eastern Europe in to Spain are a growing problem in Spanish touristy areas, like the province of Malaga, in the Costa del Sol.