Why You Should Hire A Professional Videographer For Your Wedding

videoYou should really start the process of hiring a videographer at least nine, if not twelve, months before your wedding. Get recommendations and view samples before you make your decision. Ask appropriate questions to find out if a professional videographer has the quality to match the price. Is the panning and zooming smooth? Does the sample tell the story?

Why Use Video?

A professionally done video records your event exactly as it happens and this is one that you should want to relive over and over again. The day will probably pass by like a blur and a wedding video will allow you and your loved ones get to enjoy everything after the event, even the things you didn’t see.

Is a Professional Videographer Really Necessary?

Would you rather have static photos of your wedding or a moving, talking video of the entire ceremony? While still photographs undoubtedly provide lasting memories, a wedding video allows you to really relive the experience of your wedding. You can hear your vows and the speeches, the music – see the first dance. Bear in mind, all this only happens once. Your videographer needs to be able to capture everything. Professional videographers have the necessary experience and know the importance of getting the shot right the first time. When you are spending such a lot on everything else, it makes sense to splurge on a professional videographer.

If you have a nephew or niece who is an amateur videographer, sure, let them have a go at shooting your whole wedding but by no means should you risk not hiring a professional. You do not want to be stuck showing your children blurry images of your special day, do you?

Here are Some Things you need to take into Consideration Before Choosing a Videographer for your Wedding:

• Will they use one camera or several?
• Will they include a montage of photos or film, titles, narration, music?
• Will they take close-ups?
• Will they do interviews with members of family, wedding party and guests?
• Discuss costs and be clear on payment terms
• Get an agreement which lists absolutely everything including the end cost
• How many discs are included? How much do extras cost?
• How will the disc be packaged? Case, printed labels, etc?
• Do they require a deposit and how much?
• Will they be available to film before the wedding starts?
• When will coverage start?
• Is overtime possible and how is it organized?
• How long before your event must you book?
• How are cancellations handled?
• What is the selection of background music like? Can you choose?
• What quality of editing equipment do they use?
• What cameras are they using? Are they of commercial quality?
• What format will they record in?
• Will there be enough light at the ceremony?
• What equipment will they use to record sound?
• Are you the person who will do the recording and/or the editing? Find out who is and get it in writing.
• Do they know the venue?
• How will they be dressed?

Choosing the right videographer will ensure that you get the job done in a professional manner, providing you with some wonderful memories to cherish for years after the event.

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