Hi pet!

After long planning months and never-ending talks, you two have finally agreed on something essential: who you should invite and who you shouldn’t invite to your Big Day. No ex’s, no freaky friends and no embarrassing relatives, but what if one of you wants the dog walking the aisle too?


People madly in love with animals are making their way in to the Wedding fashion. We have heard of dolphin themed ceremonies and some people have preferred riding down the aisle in their horses. The participation of pets in weddings is becoming more important everyday. Some pets are being given almost human’s status and responsibilities.


Following this trend, or maybe setting it, actor Adam Sandler decided his dogs would play an important part at his Wedding ceremony. Meatball and Maztoball, Sandler’s pets, were bearing the rings for the bride and groom but also, Meatball was Sandler’s best man! We knew dogs were a man’s best friends, but we didn’t realised they could be his best man too.


This seems to be a very fashionable in Hollywood at the moment, as Tori Spelling had her dogs also as ring bearers and flower girl. Writer Kurt Vonnegut and singer Gwen Stefani are also among the lovers of dog bridesmaids. They consider their pets as part of their family so they should participate of their Big day, as any other relative.


But even celebrities couldn’t steal the number one position from our “most important pet ever” ranking. So far, the most relevant animal involved in a wedding is a cow from southern Siberia. His owner asked president Vladimir Putin, on his weekly program, if he could marry the bovine. As there are no women left in his village and he spends so much time with his cow, he thinks they are made for each other. We don’t know if Putin has given his blessing yet but the cow will be definitely our number one in the Weddings pets list. We would love a picture of the bride giving her “Yes, I mooo”.