Heritage Wedding Cars

Based in the Limerick countryside is one of the newest wedding companies with some of the oldest equipment. Heritage Wedding Cars has jumped onto the wedding scene with all engines blazing. “I’m very proud of my cars and the work we put into keeping them so pristine. We have three vintage cars that date from 1928 up to 1954,” says Elaine Davison owner/manager of Heritage wedding cars and chief wedding chauffeur. “I have a 1928 Morris Cowley, a 1933 Morris 10/4 and a 1954 Wolseley 6-80.”

These cars are the epitome of unspoiled vintage. They are terrifically well kept and the Morris Cowley even has the original wooden toolbox and fire extinguisher on board. “Our most popular cars are the two Morris and some people hire both for the one wedding and the bridesmaids travel in the slightly smaller Morris 10/4.” The two Morris cars are both a medium blue colour and have a canvas roof so they match each other thoroughly. Their interiors are blue leather and one of the reasons for their popularity is the spacious rear seat so as to avoid unnecessary crushing of the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses.

The Wolseley is silver and its uniqueness lies in the fact that it can travel faster and can cover greater distances than the two other cars. “The Wolseley is my most recent purchase and because it was made twenty years after the other cars it is more suitable for those who have to a travel longer distance for example those whose houses are slightly further from the church or wedding reception.” It’s very stylish looking, as are the other two cars, and may be preferred by some couples over the others because of its looks or distance and speed capabilities. The two Morris can reach 30/ 35 miles per hour whereas the Wolseley can get 50 or 60 miles an hour and can easily cover 30 or 40 miles and more.”

“Our uniqueness lies in the fact that the couple get a female chauffeur and unusual cars. I don’t know of anyone else in the South West that chauffeurs these kinds of cars for weddings or other occasions.” The cars also come fully prepared for the big day, white ribbon, flowers and champagne but the champagne must be arranged beforehand. Heritage Wedding Cars also have a policy where it says that if you hire one of their cars for your wedding then it is at your disposal for the whole day, so if something delays you they will be there to take you to the church and then to the reception at the time you need them to. This allows them to dedicate all of their time to the bride’s special day

Heritage Wedding Cars is not just restricted to the South West of Ireland, they can offer their service nationally “I have been booked for weddings in Dublin and Athlone. Distances aren’t really an issue as I can transport the cars on a trailer. I just like to make sure that the bride and groom know the service that we provide and are happy with it. For our County Limerick customers though we do have a discount running at the moment if you want to hire two of our cars.”

“The business has taken off better that anyone could have hoped and I even have some bookings for December 2006!” This is due to Elaine’s enthusiasm, commitment and attention to detail. This results in a thriving business that will continue to expand.