Hen Night – Must Have a Theme

One of the key to a successful Alternative Hen night is having a theme. You’ll find that this will make the whole experience take on a life of its own. We’ve given you ten to spark the imagination, with ideas of outfits, forfeits for your hen and even suggestions for props and drinks in order to stay in character. All of them see the hen in her own unique ensemble while the chicks all wear the same outfit for maximum impact. You can tailor any of these to create a totally personalised night and can even use them to influence the whole experience, form the activities and restaurant you choose to the club you go to.


Giving the night a theme will allow your hen and chicks to be in disguise and in character. YOU will be amazed at how your friends suddenly show a whole different side to their personalities once they are dressed up. This is a licence to be as enthusiastic as you like, to go completely over the top and, most importantly of course, to flirt like crazy.


You know better than anyone what theme will be most suited to your hen. Let your imagination run wild on this one. Think about what your hen enjoys, which celebs she’s fancied and dreamt about, her favourite film or TV show and stories from her past. This is her chance to get completely into character (and maybe even live out a fantasy), so pay attention to every detail. Think about your make-up and hairstyles. Sprinkle some glitter, use fake tattoos and accessorise as much as possible to complete your outfits. Mascara is all well and good but put on a pair of false eyelashes and you will be batting your eyelids for Britain. All the better for getting the attention you deserve.


Keep your theme a secret from your hen if possible. Then on the night you can blindfold her and lay out her outfit so it can be revealed in all its glory. Don’t forget to take a photo of her reaction. And then, just like you used to, you can all have the fun of getting ready together for your ultimate girly night out.


Note to chicks


Never underestimate the power of the wig! Put any girl in a wig and you will see a transformation right in front of your eyes. You can buy a whole variety of gorgeous locks from most party shops. It doesn’t matter if the wig doesn’t quite look as you’d imagined on your hen – it will quickly become a vital part of the night’s festivities. Pammy Anderson may bear more resemblance to a Lily Savage/Dolly Parton hybrid, and Farrah Fawcett might look like Jimmy Saville, but either way you’ll never look at your hen in quite the same way again.