Healthy Is Beautiful On Your Wedding Day

Staying Healthy For Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is sure to be the most wonderful day of your life but the ongoing preparations can really drag you down. To avoid getting just too tired on your wedding day, you need to ensure that you get away from the stress of organizing everything once in a while.

Below are some tips on how to relax and maintain your health and energy during the run up to D-Day.

Stay Away From Crazy Diets

Do not change your eating habits just before your wedding. Crash dieting is never a good idea, no matter how old you are or what the event is and it’s especially bad when you are preparing to get married. Sure, you will look slim if you crash diet but you will also be too tired and weak to enjoy your special day. It is far better to be realistic about your size on the day than limiting yourself to lettuce until that time. If you are set on losing weight, do it sensibly. You may not lose three dress sizes but you will definitely stay healthy.

Pace Yourself

Don’t rush. It is impossible to get everything done overnight and you cannot do it on your own, either. Get friends and family involved – they will be only too pleased to help. Don’t worry about stuff that hasn’t turned up yet, you just need to get creative about finding it. Use the internet, bargain stores, sales. Look for local seamstresses if you want a handmade gown. You may want to do it yourself but knowing that someone else can take over if something goes wrong is fundamental to your peace of mind.

Get Moving

Working out regularly is crucial. This gives you and your body the chance to release any pent up tension and to give you breathing space. Exercising regularly will keep your body in shape and your mind sharp.

Simplify Your To Do List

Staying away from gimmicks will make your wedding much easier to handle as fewer details means less stress. Individually wrapped candy is nice but is it necessary? In the end, all these extras result in more mess and more stuff to carry around. Cutting them out not only cuts down expenses but also the associated stress.

Recruit Some Help

Let others help. No one expects you to do it on your own but no one wants to take over either. Say “yes, thank you” when someone offers to help and be happy for the extra time and expense you will save. Be thankful that people want to get involved. And take advantage of the extra time to go and have a nice relaxing massage!

Take Vitamins

Taking extra vitamins is never a bad idea. A general all-round multivitamin is a good start and any B vitamins are good as they give you a much-needed energy boost. Stay away from illness and if you can’t avoid it, take time off work and rest up to avoid having ill health affect the big day.

If you follow these tips you should be in great shape for your wedding. You will be less stressed and have spent less money. Your wedding should be the most enjoyable event of your life, not so stressful that it’s all you can do to drag yourself to the altar. Bear in mind, the better shape you are in for your wedding, the better shape you will be in for your wedding night!


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