Great Photography Tips for a Memorable Wedding

The wedding day is a day that every couple will remember fondly for years to come. One of the most important aspects of your wedding day is a good photographer; after all, great photos are the only remembrance you will have of this wonderful day in the years to come. The cake will long since have been eaten, the flower girls and page boy would be all grown up and you may have moved far away from your home town but wedding photographs will take you back across the years and the miles to your special wedding day.

While your photographer may be limited to your schedule, venue and weather, below are some tips on how to help him best capture your treasured moments of a picture perfect wedding.

Plan ahead on which of your wedding guests will be in each shot. This is especially important when thinking of the group and portrait shots. List them down then inform each guest ahead of time so that they are present for the shot.

If you wish to have some wedding photographs taken outdoor, research the location and scope it out. Ensure that the setting you choose will provide ample shading for all the persons included in the outdoors shot. This would be particularly important if the location of your wedding has a variety of locations that will allow the photographer to move around for the perfect shots. You can take photos in dramatic backgrounds such as a meadow, rocky riversides, forests, flower fields, barns, parks and old buildings.

The bride's dressing room is always a great place to take the pre-wedding shots. Ensure that the dressing room is well decorated and has enough space for the photographer to move around experimenting in various positions. The room must also have enough natural light coming in for great shots. The window treatments in such a room must not block out the light. Instead opt for sheers which will allow in a lot of light. Drape over whatever objects or furniture you don't want in the shot. Have some wedding flowers in a vase, and also lay out your wedding dress and slippers for a more dramatic look. Have the wedding photographer take photos of the bride as the wedding dress is going over her head, with the bridesmaids surrounding and helping the bride.

For an indoor photography session, inform the photographer in advance such that he may bring along all the equipment necessary for extra lighting. Pose in a position away from direct sunlight so as to get clearer images in your shots.

For your wedding reception, go for a lot of candles placed around the reception venue for more dramatic lighting. If the wedding reception is being held outdoors, have the dancing area under a tent so that the wedding photographer is able to bounce his flash up into the tent roof which will provide more even lighting. You may also hang up small lights onto the roof for a more mellow lighting experience.

If the wedding DJ will be using moving spot lights, make sure that they will be able to cut the disco lights immediately to allow the wedding photographer to take his shots without the glare of the disco lights. The DJ may alternatively opt for constant stationary colored lights, which will throw colors and patterns onto the roof of the dance floor tent.