Go On – Be Prosperous

Go On – Be Prosperous

The Prosperity Organisation

The Prosperity Organisation coaches people to feel empowered to manifest prosperity in their lives. They support people to reset minds, change thought patterns and ironically offer people the freedom to enjoy prosperity.

Thriving Coaching Practice in Ireland

Pemo Theodore, a life & business coach, became involved in the Prosperity Organisation after her move to Ireland from Australia. Walking around the centre of Dublin, it was her ambition to have offices close to St Stephens Green and to set up a thriving coaching practice in Ireland. In just two years, she has achieved both those aims and she attributes some of her success to awarenesses gained through the Prosperity Organisation.

“It was the final piece of the puzzle,” says Pemo. “I am already trained in life & business coaching and have used many of these techniques on myself that I coach my clients. However, I found that I needed the focus that was provided by the Prosperity Organisation.”

The Prosperity Org is based in the US & operates regular teleconferencing calls which last an hour in duration, with participants from all over the world. A coach leads the session and there can be as many as twenty people participating.

Pemo has found her work with the Prosperity Organisation very significant in her understanding of Irish people. Of Irish descent herself, one of the first impressions she had of the Irish people was a very strong collective memory. “Not all of this collective memory is positive,” says Pemo. “There are strong images of the famine and of oppression which can have a negative effect on current perspectives. There is still a strong fear of poverty which affects how people behave and how they view their lives.”

The “Be Do Have” Theory

Pemo is also a strong advocate of the ‘Be Do Have’ model. She explains this theory as based on the fact that many people project their happiness into a future. “For example, ‘When I win the lottery, I shall then be rich and happy.’ or whatever is their heart’s desire,” says Theodore.

Pemo argues that instead of waiting for that all important goal and continuing to reinforce the fact that they are not happy (or rich) – people should try and imagine already attaining their goal & then cultivating the happiness that they will feel. “It is better for you to feel that positive feeling & then your actions will follow that & create achievement of the goal,” she argues. “We tend to have it round the wrong way.”

Pemo also feels that we should seek that which is specific, measurable, actionable, realistic & timebound. “I didn’t wish for a million euro but for offices close to centre and a thriving practice, both of which I have achieved,” she says. “I wanted something attainable and persisted until I achieved it. Desiring the impossible is like being on a rubber band. If I tried and tried to win the million, but failed, that rubber band would have snapped back twice as hard. It has to follow the line of least resistance.

“It is the same principle as going on a diet. Everyone knows that when people go on starvation diets that any weight lost is very quickly regained afterwards, and often, more weight is put on.”

Pemo attended the Prosperity Org conference calls for three months in which time she and the rest of the group tackled issues such as being able to receive.

For more information on the Prosperity Organisation tools & coaching for prosperity, please contact Pemo Theodore 0866061639