Glasgow hosts Scotlands first wedding show for same-sex couples

Glasgow is the chosen venue to host Scotland’s first dedicated wedding fair for same-sex couples, taking place this Sunday 21st October.


Gay couples will be able to plan their wedding day and contact gay friendly suppliers at this weekend’s Civil Partnership Wedding Show, from venues and florists to fashion and honeymoons.


More than 70 exhibitors are taking part in the fair, organized by Glasgow businessman Paul Crone.


Crone had the idea of organising a wedding show for gay couples while planning his own big day with his partner. He encountered several fashion and food firms only catering for traditional marriages, he told Scottish paper The Evening Times.


“The legislation is still relatively new. Not all traders have adapted their products and can be ill prepared for a same sex couple trying to plan their big day,” Crone said.


More than 1000 civil partnerships were registered in Scotland in 2006, the first full year following new legislation.


The Glasgow Civil Partnership Wedding Show is being held in Tiger Tiger on Glassford Street on October 21 from 12 – 6pm,