Give Your Nails a bit of TLC

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“I don’t do anything with them, they just grow.”

If you have ever uttered these words, then you are part of the fortunate minority of women who can simply book in for a french manicure or a polish in the week leading up to the wedding.

If, however, no amount of handcreams, supplements and conditioning treatments works for those stubborn nails of yours, then – go fake! This is not as problematic as it used to be as our metropolises more and more resemble those characterised in the popular TV series, Sex-in-the-City. The recent popularity of manicures and specialist nail saloons can provide easy access to beautiful nails. It’s not just beauty salons that do nails, there are also many dedicated nail salons in most high streets.

Nail extensions (which fit neatly over your own nails) cost 60euro and 30euro for every maintenance job. They are an expensive affair but they do give you a great deal of confidence especially when you are showing off your dazzler twenty times a day!

Nail art is another option – investigate

If you would prefer to go au natural, it is amazing how nails flourish with a some regular TLC – a regular application of nail hardener and nail cream will promote natural growth and protect your nails from chipping and splitting. A clever nail secret promoted by nail consultants is to apply a nail conditioner straight to the nail-bed at night and then wearing gloves to bed. It is said to work a treat.