Girls Proposing On A Leap Year

wedding photographersTradition says that women are allowed to propose during a leap year. Of course, the most popular day to do it is on Valentine’s Day!

Why Do We Celebrate Love On the 14th of February?

This tradition started from Saint Valentine, a priest in Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudius II. When the Emperor learned that the men were not volunteering for his army because they did not want to leave their families, he outlawed marriages and engagements. A lot of people, including Saint Valentine, thought the law was too harsh. So, Saint Valentine secretly wed couples. Eventually, he was apprehended, imprisoned and sentenced to death for his actions. He died on February 14th 269AD. When he was in jail, he became friends with the prison guard’s blind daughter. They say that his strong faith and admiration for her healed her blindness. Before he was executed, Saint Valentine left her a letter expressing his appreciation for her loyalty, support and friendship. He ended the letter by signing it with, “Love, from your Valentine”. And so, this marked the beginning of the tradition of exchanging letters on Valentine’s Day.

Now, Saint Valentine is known as the patron saint of lovers and February 14 is called Valentine’s Day. This is the day when we celebrate love and express our affection through gifts, such as chocolates, flowers or jewellery.

Why propose on a Leap Year?

The tradition of women proposing on a leap year goes back to the 13th century in Scotland when Queen Mary declared a law allowing women to propose to any man they liked during a leap year. The man may only refuse the proposal if he was already engaged. If a man refuses the proposal he is hit with a fine and had to buy the woman either a silk dress or a pair of gloves.

Girls, It’s Your Turn to Propose

These days, it is not uncommon for women to propose, leap year or not. If you really feel you have found the one, go ahead and pop the question.

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