Gifts With Taste

Too many weddings to attend and too many presents to choose? Irish Provincial Hampers 2007 collection of delicious goodies will work a treat!


The summer wedding season is in full swing and not knowing what to buy as a present for the couple is a common complaint.


Buying utensils and appliances for the couple’s new home used to be the norm, but nowadays most couples have lived together before tying the knot and their houses are almost 100% kitted out. With these conditions, the ‘buying a nice present’ battle is a tough one!


Hampers are a great and tasty option. With prices ranging from just over â‚ ¬30 to â‚ ¬1000, Irish Provincial Hampers 2007 collection makes wedding-going a bit easier.


“Buying presents for weddings can be a very difficult task, as people have their specific tastes and most of the time it becomes a hit and miss mission,” explains Emer Purcell, founder and director of Irish Provincial Hampers, “you can’t really go wrong with hampers, as they are all luxury products anyone would appreciate. Everybody loves a treat!”


Food, wine and entertainment are often combined in Irish Provincial Hampers collections. “For the summer weddings, the ‘Picnic Days’ and ‘Garden Party’ selections are just perfect,” Emer advises.


The ‘Life’s Luxuries’ and ‘Temptation’ hampers say it all in their names. These gourmet pampering sessions including award winning wines, dessert collections and all sorts of sweet treats, which will guarantee a satisfied and genuine ‘thank you’ card from the newlyweds!


The shipping options are of great help too, as Purcell explains. At the moment, the website can take orders from all over the world, even though it only delivers to Ireland. “This is very handy to people coming to an Irish wedding from abroad, as they don’t have to go through the hassle of traveling with the presents. They can buy online and get it sent straight to the happy couple, we even write the greeting card!”


If you are getting married, check out before setting up your wedding list!


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