Getting the Most from Your Wedding Hairdresser

Wedding hairstyle

Wedding hairstyle

If you're one of the few lucky ones, you wouldn't be reading this article. But not everyone has a hairdresser they trust completely. This is why you need to know what and how to prepare for when choosing your hairdresser.

If you've never met your hairstylist before, then bear in mind that that person knows nothing about what you like and don't like. Don't expect the stylist to get what you want right away. In order to be sure, bring along some pictures of hair styles that you like. They can be from magazines, websites, or even a picture of yourself during a friend's wedding. As long as it gives the stylist an idea of what you like, as well as catch a glimpse of your personality, it will help.

Because you want to get an idea how your hairstyle will look with your dress, choose a top that is closest to your dress style, and is, of course, coloured white. You should also bring the headpiece. The mix of hairstyles, necklines and headpieces may create a different effect altogether.

A wedding isn't complete without photos, but what most people do not know, even wedding preparations need photos. Document while your stylist is manipulating your hair. You can ask him/her to photograph every possible angle. This way, you know exactly how you will look on your big day, and not worry about how you look in certain angles.

Time is very crucial during your wedding. Everything will fall on how well you planned everything, down to your hair. Schedule your hair appointment right on the dot, or even earlier. This is why a hair trial run is very important. Time how long it took to make your hair perfect, then add half an hour to allow a leeway.

Take these points to heart and all that's left to do is enjoy your hairdo on your special day.