Get your invitations right

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Wedding invitations are the first impression guests will have of your wedding. Whether you choose electronic options or traditional cards, get them right as some guests might take them very seriously†¦

-Adapt your wording to the wedding style

When receiving their invitations, guests need to know if your wedding will be a formal celebration or a more casual event, as well as the dress code. Word your cards accordingly so they will not get confused: if you have a formal wedding, go for formal invitations; allow a more relaxed style only if you are having a more casual celebration.

-Avoid misspelling

Guests might take offence if you misspell their names so make sure all your guests’ names are correct. Spelling mistakes are difficult to forget so check with their families, friends or even the guests themselves.

-Guests’ partners

Be sensitive when dealing with your guests’ companions: always mention them in the invitation. If they are in a long-term relationship, don’t put ‘and guest’, find out their partner’s names, if you don’t know them.

It is fine to add ‘and guest’ for those single who might come with a good friend, but people in a serious relationship might get offended.

-Presents requests

Some might opt for including the wedding list information and/or present requests in their invitations but that is an all-time no-no. You can add an extra card with your wedsite address where they will be able to check all the information related to the event, not only the presents. For those not familiar with the Internet, you can send them print information afterwards when requested, never with the wedding invitation.

Couples including a note for their preference for cash presents in their invitations should know this comes across as rude and some guests will get offended by this.

-The parents

If parents are paying or planning for part of the wedding, you will need to include their names in the invitation. Parents paying for the wedding would be usually the ones doing the invitations.

-Choose the right timing

Wedding invitations shouldn’t be sent too far in advance but you shouldn’t leave them for the last minute either. Allow from one month up to eight weeks before the wedding. If you are hosting a destination wedding or some of your friends are coming from other countries (or even continents), give them a few months (4-6) so your guests will have time to organize their trip.

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