Get Picture-Perfect Photography For Your Wedding

Few things matter more for your wedding than having a photographic record of the event. That’s why it’s crucial to do some solid research when choosing wedding photography.

Each photographer tends to have a specific style. Some prefer a photojournalistic approach, with lots of candid pictures and few staged shots. Others are more traditional, in which groups are formally posed for the camera. Still others employ a contemporary style that captures the day’s events as if it were part of a glossy magazine layout.

It is essential to know which style you like and which your wedding photographer prefers.   Furthermore, keep your budget in mind, but don’t jump at the cheapest offer. The lowest bidder is not necessarily the best in this instance. In fact, it is wise to beware a photographer who bids significantly lower than the average; there could be a very unpleasant reason for such a low bid.

Use these guidelines to find the best photographer for your wedding.

1.Ask about the photographer’s experience. Someone who has been photographing weddings for many years is more likely to be able to deal with many different situations, lighting conditions, restrictions on movement during the ceremony, even inclement weather. This is a good question for wedding out incompetent amateurs.

2.Ask who will be the photographer at the wedding. A salesperson rather than the actual photographer might conduct your booking interview.

3.Ask to see examples of the pictures taken by the photographer assigned to your wedding. Be sure that the images you’re seeing as samples were actually created by the person who will photograph your wedding. Otherwise you may be disappointed by the results.

4.Ask to see a complete wedding album. Everyone wants to put their best foot forward and photographers are no exception. They’ll show you their best work, but what you really want to see is a complete wedding album from start to finish. Also ask if the photographer has any albums from the same season as your wedding date. Photography in winter, for instance, is more difficult than in summer, and you need to see examples of how the photographer copes with the differences.

5.As if you receive a disc of photo files so you can get your own prints. Some photographers include this, while others charge extra. Some photographers will provide a disc of low-resolution photos that are suitable only for e-mailing, not for printing and displaying. Be sure you ask about the copyright or licence for photo prints from a disc. Most photographers retain the copyright to the photos, since it’s his or her skills that create the images, even though the images are of your wedding.

6.Ask about extra charges. For instance, are you booking the photographer for the entire event no matter how long it runs, or for a specific period of time?

7.Ask how long it will take to see your wedding photographs. Thanks to digital technology, many photographers now upload proofs to an online gallery for your review. You should be able to view this gallery when you return from your honeymoon. If you get married during a busy summer season, be patient as the photographer works through thousands of photos.

Finally, be sure you know how much you are paying, if a deposit is required, and when the full balance is due. Don’t assume anything; ask about all possible extra charges, such as travel and other expenses like time overruns. You should get a copy of a signed contract between you and the photographer that sets out all the terms of the service agreement. Take the time to read the contract thoroughly before you sign and ask about anything that seems different from what you’ve discussed.

You want to take extra care in selecting a wedding photographer to be sure of perfect pictures from your perfect wedding day.