Galician wines for exquisite weddings

Reds or whites. Galicia’s splendid wines are the best treat for your wedding guests.
Clean, fruity and fresh. This is weddingsireland’s guide to the best juices of green Galicia.

There are five wines in Galicia with ‘Denominacion de Orixe’ (An ‘Origin certificate’, prove of quality): Ribeiro, Valdeorras, RÃ ­as Baixas, Ribeira Sacra e Monterrei.


Some traditional songs crown Ribeiro white wine as ‘the nation’s best’. It is one of the wines with more tradition in Galicia. They are young and fruity whites and reds.


Valdeorras region combines Atlantic with inland climate, being a drier area than the rest of the country. There are plenty of hours of sun in Valdeorras but also abundant rainfall. The result is fruity and aromatic whites like ‘Godello’ and intense purple reds like ‘Mencia’.

-Rias Baixas:

‘Val do Salnes’, ‘Condado do Tea’ and ‘O Rosal’ are the three biggest wine areas in this region, south of Pontevedra province. Rias Baixas wines are elegant whites. Albarià ±o is the most international of them, considered one of the world’s best white wines.
Albarià ±o grape is a native Galician type (an North of Portugal), with an exceptional quality.

Galicians wouldn’t touch seafood without a good bottle of Albarià ±o.

This ‘denominacion de orixe’ is quite modern but part of a rich tradition of top of the range winemaking. Treixadura, Loureira, Caià ±o and Espadeiro are also top of the range Rias Baixas whites.

Valmià ±or Albarià ±o was the Best Old World White under â‚ ¬20 winner of the 2006 The Irish Wine Show.

-Ribeira Sacra:

Mainly reds, Ribeira Sacra’s wines are aromatic and excellent quality.

Ribeira Sacra, along the riverbank of Galicia’s main rivers Mià ±o and Sil is an area of amazing landscapes and monuments. Chantada, Quiroga, Ribeiras do Mià ±o, Amandi and Ribeira do Sil are the main production areas.


The youngest ‘denominacion’ produces whites and reds in the area of Verà ­n and Monterrei.