Freeze the time

Freeze-drying your wedding bouquet is your chance to stop the time and keep flowers for many years.

Freeze-drying wedding flowers, or flower preservation, is a growing trend in the US and prices range from $200 to $400. In the process, the flowers are sprayed with chemical products to hold their color and avoid shedding.

The technique retains up to 95% of the original size, colour and shape of the flowers.

Freeze-drying specialist services pick up the wedding bouquet at the end of the celebrations. As an alternative, brides must refrigerate the flowers (don’t freeze them) and drop them off within a few days.

The bouquet is taken apart, sprayed and placed into a holding freezer. Then the flowers are put into a freeze-dry machine for about two weeks. Finally, the flowers are treated with additional chemicals to seal the flowers.

The bouquet is then re-designed and placed in to a chosen decorative case. Any other memorabilia from the wedding can be added and the whole process takes 16 to 20 weeks. The freeze-dried flowers are fragile and need to be protected, avoiding humidity and direct sunlight.