For The Groom to Think About

Tips for the groomSetting a wedding budget can be a nightmare.   There's so much you have to consider and more that you can't anticipate.   It is challenging but not impossible.   It's not simple but it is possible to do it yourself.   While most women already have ideas of how to go about it, most men are clueless about the little details that make up a wedding. Though it may seem very obvious, finding a solution for these issues isn’t very easy if you didn't know that they existed.

Once you're done with the proposal, it's time to shift moods and discuss the non-romantic issue of who's paying for the wedding. While tradition calls for the bride's parents to pay for the wedding, most couples decide to pay for it themselves in order to hold full reigns on how the wedding will go about.

  • Set a number and budget for less that amount.   When setting a budget for the wedding, always expect that the cost will overrun by at least 15%.   Those costs usually cover transportation, communications, and other incidentals.   So when you do set a number, make sure to include that overrun.   So if you plan to spend around €11,000 for your wedding, you should prepare around €13,000.
  • List down what you need to budget for according to level of priority.   Writing down your expenses and putting them in order allows you to see the things that you want to splurge on, scrimp on and completely do without.   That way, you'll be able to eliminate unnecessary expenses and put most of your wedding budget on things that you and your fiance value more.
  • Come up with a gift list. Some couples think it tacky to prepare a gift list, however, no matter how you feel about it, your loved ones will buy you gifts for your wedding. And more than just giving you anything, your guests want you to be happy with their gift. To solve this issue, you and your fiance will need to have a gift list ready. You do not have to include it with all your invitations as it may send out a bad idea and would seem like you are forcing your list on them. Make it available upon request for some of your guests.

These are only a few of the things every groom should know. Offer whatever help you can to your fiance, and she'll be reminded of every single reason why she chose to build her future with you.