For a happy marriage, move to Galway

According to the Census 2006, County Galway has the greatest marital success rate in the country with just one-in-16 marriages ending in divorce, as opposed to the National average of one-in-11.


The last Census has through some light on the changing face of Irish family, showing a steady trend of more couples choosing cohabitation over marriage, higher number of divorce and marriage breakdown, and fewer children.


One-in-10 households now consist of a lone parent with children, most of them alone because they are single, separated or divorced.


Divorce rate has gone up by 70% since the last Census in 2002. And while the national average means one in every 11 marriages end up in separation, Limerick city has the lowest rate of happy marriages in the country. One out of eight married couples end up going separate ways in Limerick city.


But if you are looking for a happy marriage, County Galway seems to have the happiest couples in the country, with just one-in-16 marriages ending in tears.