Exclusive interview with Irish Rat Packs Jason O’Callaghan

Voted ‘Wedding Band of the year’ by Social And Personal Magazine two years in a row, Jason O’Callaghan’s Irish Rat Pack is one of Ireland’s premier shows, selling out at Dublin’s top music venues like the Olympia Theatre and Vicar Street. Weddingsireland.com speaks to Jason O’Callaghan on why he prefers weddings to Journalism.


In 2006 alone The Irish Rat Pack was one of the few bands booked for nearly 100 performances and is set for nearly 150 plus in 2007. The band, lead by former columnist Jason O’Callaghan, has also performed at some of the most high profile events in Ireland over the years.
O’Callaghan started the show and sang for the first time at the Rat Pack ball in 2002 which he organised for a cancer charity.


“There was Gerry Ryan, two of the lads from Boyzone, Jack L and Paul Harrington and myself all staring in the ball as the first ever Irish Rat Pack. It has just snowballed for me since then and now every star in the public eye wants to get involved, I released a duet with Brian McFadden over Christmas,” he explains.


But, why did he change Journalism for Music?
“I did the whole gossip thing for ten years and one day it hit me that I had more talent then most of the so called ‘celebs’ I was being asked to write about. I have been retired full time from the papers for a year and have had loads of offers to go back but to be honest I really enjoy singing and love doing weddings, as it is the happiest day of someone’s life and everyone is in great form. You don’t get that two much as a journalist!”
The Irish Rat Pack is giving it all and having fun all over the country, packing dance floors and demand is just going up. “I have had brides to be trying to snog the lads in the band in order for us to take their booking after we had already given the date to someone else,” he says.
-His favourite song.


‘That’s Amore’ is the most fun as is ‘New York, New York’. But, sometimes I go off the plans and sing ‘Suspicious Minds’ by Elvis with the drummer in the band John which we build up into a ten minute frenzy with the audience. You can see me doing that on the website,
it’s just great fun. I hate singing ‘My Way’ as I need cardiac help after.”


-His dream venue.


“I want to do the Point at some stage with a new Rat Pack show including Robbie Williams and Michael Buble. But, if I do it I don’t think they would be free.”


-Top tips to choose a wedding band.


“Find out if they are free first, go and see them in person, make sure they are professional and get confirmation of your booking. Make sure they can cover all types of music. The proper bands all charge from â‚ ¬2,000 up and are totally professional so you will have no worries. Always remember you get what you pay for.”


For bookings or/and more information on Jason O’Callaghan’s rat pack you can visit http://www.theirishratpack.com/