Eco friendly weddings and an epic journey story

We all have something to learn from green activist Barbara Hadrill.
This biology expert at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), Machynlleth, mid Wales, aged 28, has travelled all the way from Britain to Australia not getting in one single plane.

Hadrill had been invited to a wedding in Brisbane and she wanted to go but she didn’t want to compromise her environmental beliefs in doing so.

She claims the carbon dioxide from air travel is one of the biggest single contributors to climate change so on September 1st she leaves Britain by bus, heading for Moscow.

From Russia she will take a Trans Siberian Express train, which means a journey across 3,608 miles of land until she reaches China.

In Beijing she will then take a train to Singapore and then she will board on a boat direct to Brisbane.

But if you are just getting married and there is no need for all this epic traveling, there are also lots of options, if you want to keep your day eco friendly.

It doesn’t really mean it has to be more expensive. Organic menus can be a bit more pricy than normal ones but there are other gadgets that will make up for it:

-Wild flowers are an intimate and sweet alternative to enormous exotic bouquets.
-Make smaller invitations reusing paper. Other alternative is sending electronic invitations via e-mail, you could include a presentation or animation to make it more funky. Tree-free and recycled invitations are another option.
-Hemp made dresses or gowns made of recycled fibers are also very good options. Some charity shops offer very good deals on second hand and/or brand new wedding dresses.
-Use a horse carriage instead of a car or limousine.
-Choose a natural venue instead of a stuffy hotel.
-Go for handmade favors for your guests.

Also, why not consider taking a cruise instead of flying to the Caribbean for your honeymoon?