Don’t let the rain spoil your wedding day!

Summer 2007 hasn’t really started yet but don’t let the rain spoil your wedding day. These are weddingsireland’s tips for a great mucky wedding:


-Have you watched Monsoon wedding?
This great movie will cheer you up if you are feeling angry with the weather. You will see rain doesn’t have to be a bad thing- it happens to the best of us!- and we can still go on with lives (and weddings) – business as usual.


-Mud fights-
Wondering how to entertain your guests? Organize a mud wrestling competition!


-Marquee connection-
A marquee reception will allow you a semi-outdoor celebration. Jumping out for the sunny spells and jumping in to avoid the showers.


Hosting a reception in a marquee can be very claustrophobic on a sunny and hot summer day. The rain will keep the temperature just about perfect for this sort of celebration.


-Better pictures-
The light on overcast days is much better for photographs than the light on sunny days. You will get better wedding shots on a wet day.


-Wellies are fashionable-
Music festivals have made Wellington boots fashionable. If you are taking pictures outdoors- take an umbrella and a pair of funky wellies. Be the first couple to be photographed under your umbrella and with a pair of colourful wellies!


-Paved access-
Avoid grass or paths to access the reception venue, make sure the access is paved.


-You should be dancing-
If you think you might have a wet wedding, make sure your entertainment is up to scratch with plenty of music throughout the celebration. If you can keep your guests dancing all night long, they will not even notice the rain.


-Keep the spirits up- good humour is the best tip of all!