Do You Take Thee’s Surname?

One the first things that are going to change after you tie the knot is your name. Once you get married, you will be presented with different options. You could hyphenate your partner’s name with your own, take your partner’s surname or you could keep your maiden name. Whichever option you choose, the process of changing your name can be overwhelming. You will have to gather numerous forms from different government agencies and submit them. Remember that you need to have your name changed in your voter registration form, IRS form, driver’s license and other forms. Consequently, you will have to send them to your employer, insurance company and other organizations you are a member of. A lot of brides put off this process as they feel it is time consuming and bothersome. If you’re also thinking of putting this process off, remember that you will still have to do this in the future. So, you might as well do it now.

You may also be surprised to know that the groom can also change his last name to the bride’s. This may not be as popular, but it happens. If the groom isn’t really fond of his last name, he can easily use your last name.

These days, it’s acceptable for a woman to keep her last name after marriage. One of the reasons why some women keep their own name is because there are no future generations that can use their family name. Another could be for work reasons. Some may have established a name for themselves professionally and they feel that changing their last name might affect this recognition.

On Traveling Abroad

If you plan on traveling abroad on your honeymoon, you must remember that the name of your ticket must match the name on your passport. So, it would be best if you wait until you come back from your honeymoon to have your name changed.

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