DIY weddings

Do it yourself weddings might be the solution to brides and grooms on a budget and on top of that they can be fun! If you are a bit of a “handy Andy” you could bring your wedding expenses down and make your day a bit more personal.

These are some cost cutter DIY tips.

First of all, design your budget and research.

Then, get everybody you know involved. If you have friends with “useful” skills, enlist them for your wedding mission: photographers, designers, musicians, bakers, florists†¦Maybe it will be cheeky to assume they would work for you for free, but you could also discuss considering their “services” as a wedding present.

I do’s-

There are lots of things you can do: wedding favors, floral and candle details, ring pillow, CD’s, bride’s hair and make up, invitations, vows, guest book, programmes and seating cards. Keep it simple.

If you or some close family or friend have some spacious property or land, you could also convert it into your wedding venue. You could also be in charge of decorating the venue. Just remember not to overcrowd things. Minimalism is the key. It will save you work and it will look smarter.

I don’ts-

If you are not among the lucky ones to have such a collection “useful” friends, unfortunately, there are other fields you should definitely leave for the professionals. Photography and wedding dress are more delicate matters that should be in professional hands. Wedding cakes and catering could be in included in both categories, but they mean too much work so it probably won’t be worth it. Especially on the catering section, nobody wants to worry about cooking on their wedding day!!! But some might be up for the challenge†¦
Also remember, anything with the word “bridal” or “wedding” attached to it could be extremely overprized. Bear in mind for some people wedding is equivalent of big spending, the same band could charge up to five times the prize for the same service if hired to play for a wedding reception!

But the most important thing about DIY weddings is not just the fact they will save you some euros but also, they will give a personal touch to your reception, they will make it special. And that is just priceless.