Different Wedding Styles

different wedding stylesWeddings have elevated from being a traditional ceremony. Today, it is no longer limited between a couple of opposite sexes. Whatever the background of their relationship may be, a wedding is a union that is legally binding.

The different wedding events are usually based on family tradition, the culture of the area, or just the preferences of the bride and groom. Undeniably though, the different wedding styles that are now available for different couples have given people chances to be more creative and to make their weddings uniquely their own. Here are the different wedding styles that you may want to consider:

Church Wedding. Church weddings are popular in many countries, but vary depending on religion, social class and country. There are certain requirements when you decide to have a church wedding. It has to be done in a church or chapel and should be conducted by a religious official like a priest or minister.

Destination Wedding. Because of the convenience of travel nowadays, the location is no longer limited to the city, or country where you reside. Destination weddings are often held in exotic or amazingly romantic locations. Depending on the theme the couple may decide on, the ceremony may be on a beach at sunset, a castle during sunrise, or an extravagant hotel in Las Vegas.

Multiple Ceremonies. There are instances wherein two couples decide to get married at the same time. The most common scenario would be siblings who want to marry on the same date, or best friends who would like to share each other’s special day.

Online ceremonies. It may sound odd for some, but because of the evolution of technology, there are instances wherein couples get married even when they are in different locations, via the internet. An online wedding may also refer to the ceremony, being broadcasted online to those who cannot attend the wedding, or loved ones who are in different parts of the globe.