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How To Match Your Décor To Your Theme Wedding

Every little girl dreams of the day she will get married. How did you envision your special day? Chances are your dreams would have revolved around a distinct theme, whether it was a grand affair amidst flowers and candlelight or a more casual beach setting.

Wedding decorations are the easiest way to make your dreams come true. Whatever theme you desire, decorating your venue will create a romantic atmosphere that sets the perfect stage for you to exchange vows with the one you love. Decide on your theme and decorate to evoke the emotions you’ve always envisioned from you, your groom, and your guests.

There are no predetermined guidelines for wedding décor. You can choose whatever suits your style and personality. If you are a laid back bride who wants a simple wedding, then decorations should be kept to an elegant minimum. If you love the romance of roses, pearls, and lace, then decorate with lots of ribbon, bows, and flowers to create the ultimate romantic oasis for your celebration.

Choose a Theme for your Wedding

When you choose a wedding theme, think about the things you and your groom enjoy. Consider what you are passionate about and what puts you in the mood for romance.

Some couples choose a theme based on hobbies. Weddings can have themes based on animals, sports, or a cherished vacation memory. Begin by creating a list of all the things you both enjoy. Then narrow it down until you find the perfect theme for your wedding that fits within your budget.

Choosing a Colour Scheme that Complements Your Theme

After you choose a theme, you should think about the colours that will work best to enhance it. If you are having an ocean theme, soft blues and sandy tans are great colour choices. If you have chosen a garden theme, include lots of bright shades of pink or purple with hints of green intertwined. Traditional wedding themes call for a variety of whites, through flowers, pearls and bows.

Use Wedding Decorations to Create the Perfect Atmosphere

The ultimate purpose of decorations is to evoke feelings of romance and intimacy between you and your groom. Your guests should arrive at your celebration and immediately feel a touch of romance in the atmosphere, just by looking around at the decorations.
You can achieve this by decorating with various colours, textures, and lighting. Candlelight works well for romantic themes, while simple seaside weddings can take advantage of natural light from a sunrise or sunset over the ocean. Fabric can also add a touch of romance to your theme. Silk aisle runners add a touch of class while tulle bows bring an ounce of tradition into a contemporary wedding theme.

Regardless what wedding theme you choose, keep the venue decorations simple and elegant. Instead of covering every surface with cluttered decorations, bring in a few beautiful flower arrangements or candles to create a subtle feel of romance to your wedding celebration.

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