Debra Stephensons tips for good health and better figure

After giving birth to her second child earlier this year, Debra Stephenson is looking better than ever. The former Coronation Street’s star shares with WeddingsIreland her tips for good health and even greater shape!


-Did you eat healthily throughout the pregnancy?


I ate fairly healthily throughout my pregnancy. I try to always make sure my I cook with fresh organic ingredients and I avoid additives. .


-Did you have any cravings?


I craved cream cakes when I was pregnant with Zoe and allowed myself to have them whenever I wanted. I also found myself making toasted cheese sandwiches between takes, as they were great at keeping my nausea at bay (and tasted delicious). I took pregnacare throughout my pregnancy.


I put on three stone with Max and four stone with Zoe. This extra stone was mainly down to the ‘butty wagon’ on the set of Coronation Street! It served great three course meals and specialised in comfort food such as ‘hot pot’ and Sticky Toffee pudding. I let myself over indulge as I felt so nausea throughout my pregnancy with Zoe that eating seemed to be the only thing that kept the sickness feeling away.


-Did you exercise while you were pregnant and how did you relax?


I did not have time to exercise or relax! I worked like a Trojan throughout my whole pregnancy. It resulted in me being tired all the time.


-How do you usually stay fit?


I believe that exercise is the best way to stay healthy and feel strong. I like having the extra energy that exercise gives you and it makes me feel good about myself.


I do find it difficult to find time to exercise with two small children, so I try and incorporate it into my daily routine. For example, if I have a spare ten minutes, I try and do some sit ups and if I am waiting for the microwave, I’ll do some press-ups against the wall. There is also so much lifting involved with a baby! Carrying her, picking up the car seat, loading the buggy in the car- that’s exercise right there!
But it is always good to have exercise on your mind†¦.


Pelvic Floor exercises are also a must after having a baby! I do them religiously.


As a family we really enjoy ‘park life’. We have always made sure that we live very close to a park as the outdoors is really important to us. We take Max and Zoe out for long walks and Max really enjoys it as we have just taken the stabilizers off his bicycle. I can to have a good power walk, as my mama and papas pram has great suspension.


-Your hair and skin look fab, did you have any problems when you were pregnant?


I felt dreadful but I looked great! I was continuously knackered but I glowed due to my hormones.


-Have you ever been anything other than a gorgeous blonde?


I don’t know if I have ever been a gorgeous blonde! When I was pregnant with Max, I went back to my natural brunette but after that Coronation Street asked me to go blonde again. I have been much luckier with work when I have been a blonde. Secretly I have brunette ambition but my fear is under all this I’m grey!


-What are the five make-up/skin care products you can’t live without?


Duchy- lavender shower gel and body lotion.
Demagogica- tinted face moisturiser with SFF 15
Fake Bake bronzer
Daniel Galvin Jnr Hangover Hair Shampoo and conditioner.


-And favourite perfume?


During the day: Ralph Lauren’s Romance and for night Boucheron’s Jaipur Saphire.


-Can you explain how Slendex has helped you lose your baby weight?


I didn’t take Slendex to lose my baby weight as I have been breast-feeding for the last six months but I rely on Slendex to maintain my figure. I like Slendex as it is 100% natural and is ever so simple to take, just one tablet 30 minutes before every meal and it makes you feel full so consequently you eat less. I over indulged when I was pregnant and Slendex puts me back in control of my eating. I’m not tempted by Max’s leftovers.


-Did you have to change your diet when you were taking the supplement?


Not at all, that’s one of the main reasons I take it. I don’t have to prepare myself separate meals or worry about being how much I eat. Slendex reduces my appetite and removes temptation. I have lost the four stone I put on during my second pregnancy and Slendex keeps me at my ideal weight.


-What is your family’s favourite meal?


My family’s favourite meal is Spaghetti Bolognese. Max is quite a fussy eater but he loves this and a nutritionist has told me that it is an excellent all round meal. I use lean steak mince, organic tomatoes so it’s low in fat.


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