Curves are sexier, Johansson best body

No Nicole Richie, nor Lindsay Lohan or Miss Beckham†¦ healthy and fit bodies are the best. A recent poll by Glamour magazine has shown women also prefer curves to size ‘zeroers’. And Scarlett Johansson is the new queen!


The survey by Glamour monitored 5,000 women’s opinion and showed curvy bodies are considered sexier. 22-year old curvy beauty Scarlett Johansson topped the poll of the sexiest bodies in the world, according to women. The voluptuous ‘Lost in Translation’ star has been described by Woody Allen as ‘criminally sexy’.


The top 20 best bodies in the planet also included openly anti-size-zero campaigners like Kate Winslet, curvy beauties like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek, and fit-bums like Cameron Diaz.


Why struggle with pre-wedding diets? Keeping fit and eating healthy might be your only step to looking gorgeous and happy!


Top 20 Sexiest Bodies


1. Scarlett Johansson


2. Jessica Alba


3. Gisele Bundchen


4. Jennifer Aniston


5. Angelina Jolie


6. Mischa Barton


7. Rachel Bilson


8. Beyonce


9. Jennifer Lopez


10. Kelly Brook


11. Jessica Biel


12. Cameron Diaz


13. Sienna Miller


14. Gwen Stefani


15. Penelope Cruz


16. Kate Winslet


17. Jessica Simpson


18. Salma Hayek


19. Halle Berry


20. Kate Moss