Cover for wedding hitches

Cover for wedding hitches

Couples can now insure against disappointment but not a change of heart, writes Laura Slattery in the Irish Times.

A Dublin-based broker is offering wedding insurance to Irish brides and bridegrooms-to-be who want to cover themselves for any hiccups threatening their big day.

Financial advisers Providence Finance Services, based in Stillorgan, Co. Dublin, is now selling the wedding insurance product of a leading British wedding insurer, Event Insurance Services. The insurer has introduced a new product for Irish citizens, underwritten by UK Underwriting.

Wedding insurance, though popular in the US and the UK, is virtually an unknown concept in the Republic, largely because it is difficult to find.

Up to now, many Irish couples who wanted to protect themselves from unforeseen hitches have had to apply directly to UK-based intermediary firms selling a product called Irish WeddingSure, paying in sterling.

Otherwise, the only type of insurance was for rings and gifts under the home insurance policies. Some policies automatically increase the value of contents cover by 10 per cent for a month before and after a wedding and cover valuable items such as engagements rings under their “all risks” clauses.

Under the Event Insurance product sold by Providence Finance Matters, premiums start at â‚ ¬120 for up to â‚ ¬5,000 in cancellation cover.

The average Irish wedding costs around â‚ ¬10,000. A policy with cancellation cover for this amount will cost â‚ ¬200. There is a â‚ ¬400 excess on each claim.

The policy pays out if the services to wedding supplier are booked but not used as a result of unavoidable cancellation or curtailment of the wedding for reasons beyond the control of the insured.

For example, the insurance compensates non-so-happy couples if the officiating priest or registrar does not show up, if wedding guests cannot reach the ceremony or reception venue due to bad weather conditions, or if the booked venue, of the booked venue is suddenly closed.

Loss of deposits is covered up to a value of â‚ ¬3,000.

The policy document also says the insurer will pay out in the event that the death, injury or sickness of the bride, or bridegroom or their parents, grandparents, siblings, children or other close relative make the continuance of the wedding impossible or “completely inappropriate”.

However, it won’t pay out for cancellation due to any pre-existing condition.

In addition to the cancellation cover, the policy pays for extra costs of alternative wedding services, but only up to a quarter of the cost of the original booked service.

Cover extends to unavoidable loss or damage to wedding attire up to a value of â‚ ¬3,000 and loss or damage to rings up to â‚ ¬2,000.

If the arranged transport, wedding cake supplier or florist fails to deliver their goods, the policy provides cover up to a value of â‚ ¬1,500. Wedding presents in the possession of the insured couple are covered up to a value of â‚ ¬2,000 for 24 hours before and after the wedding day.

The insurance company will also pay up to â‚ ¬2,000 for the retaking of official wedding photographs if a booked professional photographer fails to appear, or if the original film, negative or video is lost or damaged.

Public liability of up to â‚ ¬750,000 is included. Cover for marquees and their contents attracts an additional premium.

Nervous brides and grooms beware: no insurance policy will provide compensation due to a change of heart.

So if the person you are marrying ditches you at the alter or dumps you outside the registry office; don’t count on the comfort of being able to recoup costs.

Cancellation due to stress is also not covered.

courtesy: The Irish Times