Coping with the Pre-Wedding Butterflies

wedding stressFor some couples, planning the wedding serves as the first crisis in their relationship. And no matter how excited they are to get to their wedding day, often the process involves being at each other's throats. The wedding planning involves stress at times and money, both of which will test the relationship. They often fall prey to others and their own expectations.

Because couples are bombarded with stress factors from every direction, it's often difficult to pin point the cause of their stress. However, in order to keep it at bay, it is important that they identify the source of their stress and avoid it as much as possible.

Here are some of the main causes of pre-Wedding stress.

  • Family or friends in a squabble – Inviting divorced couples, arguing siblings, or friends in an argument is inevitable when planning your wedding. They're special to you and you want them to be part of the planning, however, you do not want a fight to start during the preparation or on the day wedding itself! If you have decided to invite them, make sure to sit down and talk with both parties. Ask for a truce. Tell them the truth, that you would like them to be a part of your wedding, but would not be comfortable should an argument start.


  • Parents – Parents only want what's best for their children. They do everything to make their kids happy. They are also often cursed with causing wedding stress. The problem with parents is that they want to help the couples, to the point that even if the couple do not agree, they just agree to avoid hurting the parents feelings.


Deal with the problem without hurting the parents. Set rules early on. Make a sure outline, and allow your parents to feel included by designating some tasks to them. This way, they can appease their urge to help without stepping on any boundaries.


  • Vendors – Vendors make your life easier by providing your wedding with everything that you need. However, they also make your life more difficult by trying to push their most expensive product, and you get stressed either from going over your budget, or the difficulty of saying no to them. Lessen the stress, and deal with the situation by informing them that you will have to think about it first. Being in the comfort of your own home calms your nerves, and you can discuss as a couple if you really need these expensive wedding add ons. By the time that you make a decision, and respond to the vendor, you would have already thought it through, and cannot be moved by more convincing.

Wedding planning is probably the moment wherein a couple experiences the most stress in their lives. To avoid unnecessary arguments, divide the chores and conquer each problem individually, but make sure both individuals are involved. It is also important to take time off from the planning before the wedding so it does not take over the relationship. It is vital that you enjoy each other and remember why you decided to get married. Keep in mind that apart from the wedding, the decision you have made was to spend the rest of your lives together.