Coping With Each Mother and the Wedding

mother in lawMothers always play an important role in our lives. It is no surprise that they want it to be the same during weddings. During this special occasion, mothers will probably feel the most sentimental, and it affects them in every way possible. Requesting your mother to stay out of the wedding preparations, then, will lead to total chaos. So, every bride and groom's question is, how can they involve their mothers during wedding preparations, but still keep them at bay?

Because emotions are involved here, choices need to be carefully thought of and monitored for possible complications. Any conflict that occurs at the time may strain relationships in the incoming years.

The easiest way to manage these overwhelming emotions is to start with the basics. Spend time with the moms. Take them shopping with you, or allow them to help when setting the budget. Ideally, do not meet with them at the same time to avoid minor conflicts.

For a more fun approach, you can take them shopping to pick out their dress. You can go around different places and narrow down to three dresses. This way, you can meet with them again to finally shop for the dress they can help decide on. Regardless of which dress is chosen, make sure that they make the decision. This will allow them to feel that their decision is still important for you.

The next step will hit two birds with one stone. Give them something to do. This will keep them occupied, at the same time, will make them feel that they are deeply involved in your wedding plans. Make sure that the assignment you give them does not involve planning, but rather, more of an organizing task. For example, you can pick the florist and the flowers, but leave the arrangements with your mother. This way, your mother is indispensable, but the details are already picked by you, avoiding any conflict with the choices.

Just because you have a wedding coming, and mothers can be quite difficult during the preparation, it doesn't mean that your relationship with your mom is going to go downhill. This includes your relationship with your mother in law. These are very simple suggestions, yet can make a huge difference in improving your relationship with your mother or mother in law in the most trying of times of your relationship.