Choosing your wedding singer

Choosing your wedding singer is very important. Music is what makes your wedding ceremony romantic and special more than flowers and dresses. It makes it special for you, brings up your most romantic memories and moments. Well chosen vocalist will set the mood during the ceremony and at the drinks reception, will work with you on the setlist and details that will be unforgettable for both you and your guests.


Your professional wedding singer doesn’t only work for an hour for their fee. They have to learn the songs, keep their voices in shape (daily workout), usually be in the church for hours beforehand to set up the equipment and do the soundcheck to make sure the quality is as good as it can be, then afterwards put all the speakers/mics back in the car. They also work with you and meet with you before your wedding once or twice giving their time to choose a setlist and make sure everything goes smoothly.


When choosing your vocalist for wedding make sure they have proper insurances in place, that they can provide cover (so that they don’t call u day before wedding saying they have runny nose and can’t perform and leave you with no music at all), that they have sufficient sound system in place, that (most importantly!) their type of voice suits you. If you’re looking for a warm romantic voice and soul/jazz type of music you won’t be looking for a classically trained vocalist who belts out Ave Maria like there’s no tomorrow. And if you’re looking for classical music with piano and violin you won’t be happy with a gospel singer who will do a much better job at Oh Happy Day than Nella Fantasia.


Make sure that the quality, voice type and attire is what you’re looking for and not necessarily the lowest price available. that â‚ ¬50 or â‚ ¬100 difference is NOT going to be even visible in your wedding budget and it well could be the difference between a non-professional who doesn’t really know what they’re doing but decided that singing for an hour would be a good way to make some additional beer money and a professional vocalist, who knows exactly what you expect.


Hiring a non-professional singer (or photographer – these days it’s so easy to buy an expensive camera and decide to be a photographer because an expensive camera will take great pictures†¦ nothing could be further from the truth, but that’s a topic for a different article) is taking chances. Things could go well and the quality of services could be ok. But without proper training and experience, if anything goes wrong on the day (church sound system stops working, lights in the church go off, the weather goes really bad, you name it) – the professionals will know how to fix it and work in the changed circumstances.


Most people decide to book us, professional singers, and trust that we know how to make your day special in the best possible way, so you only have to show up and celebrate your love!


Magdalena Jaremko


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