Choosing The Perfect Venue For Your Wedding

Choosing a reception venue is usually the first thing that must be taken care of when planning your wedding. In some cases, the reception venue can also be used for the ceremony itself.

Your choice of reception venue is of paramount importance. This is where your wedding memories will be made and it is important that you get it right. Don’t settle for what seems to be the most popular place and where everybody else seems to be getting married. Do your research. Look at all possible locations before zeroing in on any one. Consider all the possibilities that are out there; you could discover a most unexpected venue.

What to Consider When You Choose a Venue

The most important thing at this point is that both of you agree on what you want, as the decision will affect both of you. Take note of a few important factors before you make a decision.

• Your Wedding Theme -What is your theme? Do you want your wedding to be simple or elegant; formal or fairy tale? This is one of the most influencing factors in your choice of venue.

• Number of Guests- The number of guests you are planning on inviting will directly affect your choice of venue. Make an estimate of how many guests you will be inviting and then look for venues with appropriate seating capacities.

• The Ceremony- Where will the ceremony be held? You need to decide what a reasonable travel distance is for you and your guests to get to the reception afterwards.

• The Date- Decide on a date which suits everyone. At least name a particular year and month, if you can’t decide yet on an exact date. Most venues will require a set date and a deposit before they will reserve a spot for your wedding.

Make a List and Narrow it Down

Make a list of every single possibility, including hotels and your friend’s backyard. This can now be compared to a list of what you require from your chosen venue. The venues that meet all requirements should be at the top of your list. If more than five venues fit all your needs, that is your shortlist. If not, work out which ones meet the most important requirements.

In an ideal world, you want a shortlist of at least two venues but not more than nine. Now, go and visit them. Make an appointment and have a firsthand look at each one.

Visit Your Top Possibilities

When you visit possible venues, be aware that a sales person will probably want you to commit immediately but keep in mind that it is important to check all the possibilities first. You will often be told that your preferred date will get booked up if you don’t take it immediately. This could be true in certain seasons, so you need to judge accordingly.

Don’t rush into this, the venue you choose for your reception is instrumental in creating some of the most precious memories that are likely to last forever. You want to take your time and mull over it till you are absolutely sure that you’ve found what you are looking for.

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