Cheap dresses for a good cause

Every woman wants to look fab on her wedding day and having an exceptionally beautiful dress is essential. Gown’s prices are sky high these days. It’s one day in your lifetime but, is it worth all that money? Charity shops offer the perfect solution: fancy new dresses at reasonable prices raising funds for a good cause.

With wedding gown’s prices going from modest â‚ ¬1500 to six numbers figures brides might think getting a wedding bargain is almost impossible. Spending so much money on a gown might make you feel like you are wasting your hard earned wages. But charity shops have designed the perfect “feel good” wedding dress bargain, where cheap meets quality and also a bit of social awareness. Buying your wedding dress at a charity shop could save you a good few hundred euros and contribute to make this world a bit better.

Charity stores like Oxfam Bridal, Enable Ireland, WWF and Barnados offer very expensive dresses for a lot less money. In some cases, like Barnado’s, 90% of the money you pay for your gown will be going towards their childcare programmes in Ireland. Brides couldn’t get anything more beautiful than that.

Charity shops only accept products with high quality standards so the gowns are spotless. After all, nobody marries more than once, at least not wearing the same outfit! Besides, with people marrying constantly, the range of choice couldn’t be wider.

But some of the dresses available at charity shops haven’t even been used once, as they have been donated by bridal shops. They are brand new gowns ready to go at half the price of their original cost.

Most of the charity shops will also offer you a range of accessories like shoes, hats, jewelry†¦ and some of them have also outfits for bridesmaids and other guests.

There is a good cause to buy your wedding dress that cheap!