Ceremony Rituals

Choosing Rituals For Your Wedding Ceremony

In a day and age where couples are looking for new ways to make their wedding ceremony as individual as themselves, there are many different rituals that can be incorporated into your service to make it unique to you. Any idea or sentiment that you feel strongly about can be turned into a ritual to use in addition to, or instead of, the giving of rings.

Lighting a Unity Candle

Traditional rituals from our grandparent’s era are still used today in traditional weddings. Many couples still choose to light a unity candle as a symbol of the joining of their lives. When you light the unity candle, the bride and groom each take a single candle and simultaneously light one central candle in the middle. This symbolizes the way two different people become one family through the covenant of marriage. Today there are many other rituals used to symbolize the unity of the couple, the symbol of two becoming one.

Sand Ceremonies

Sand ceremonies are another popular wedding ritual. The bride and groom each pour sand from their own container into one joint container. The sands are different colors and when they are poured together into one container, it symbolizes a union of their lives. They may also choose to leave some of the sand in their separate containers to symbolize that while they become one, they still maintain their individuality. Guests, members of the bridal party, family members, whoever the bride and groom like, can also place sand of other colors into the central container to symbolize their support of the unity and of the couple as they begin their lives together. The couple can then keep the container of sand to remind them of their special day and of their promises to one another.

Tying the Knot

Another, less heard of ritual, is called “tying the knot.” In this ritual, the bride and groom each take a piece of ribbon or other type of fabric, once again different colours to symbolise each individual. The couple ties the pieces of fabric or ribbon together to signify the intertwining of their lives and the symbol of strength they represent together. Again, other people can be involved to show their love and support to the bride and groom. The couple can once again keep this symbol to remind them of their vows and can tie new knots each year on their anniversary to symbolise their continued unity.

Make a Community Vow

Another ritual that can be included in your ceremony is a community vow. With this ritual, the gathered guests, friends and loved ones make a joint promise to support the unity between the bride and groom. This is in contrast to the ritual where the officiant would ask if there was anyone opposed to the union. This ritual focuses on the positive and the majority who approve of and support the union.

Choose Unique Rituals

Rituals can be anything you want them to be. They can involve music, prayers, poetry, and symbolic items, whatever you choose. These rituals are only a few of the dozens available to make your wedding a very special day. If you’ve done some research and you still can’t find one that symbolises exactly what you’re after, create your own unique ritual. Customize your ceremony to who you are and you will cherish the memories for a lifetime.


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