Celebrity Make-Up Secrets

Many celebrities are as famous for their hair & beauty entourages as they are for their talent and beauty. Top Irish Make- up artist Donna Fitzpatrick invites weddingsireland.com behind the scenes of celebrity make- up and lets us in on their secrets.


When it comes to wedding make- up, many brides look to the most beautiful women in the world for inspiration. Let’s face it most celebrities are pretty darn beautiful. Sad, but true. Angelina has given us the lips, SJP the cheeks, Jennifer Lopez the perfect skin, Catherine Zeta Jones the eyebrows and Jessica Simpson the eyes. According to top Irish Make- up artist, Donna Fitzpatrick, it’s all about the make- up. ‘They may have many of the basics’, says Donna, ‘but professional make- up is the magic ingredient that gives them that star quality.’ Here, in a celebrity make- up special, Donna discloses the star’s secrets and gives some top tips to brides on how to replicate the world’s most beautiful women’s trademark looks.

The Skin- Jennifer Lopez
‘Beauty begins with the skin’, says Donna, ‘and with the possible exceptions of Halle Berry and Beyonce, nobody in Hollywood has more beautiful skin than Jennifer Lopez.’ Even in her mid thirties, she always manages to recreate the clarity and illuminosity of women half her age. La Lopez may have had well publicised run in with her make- up artist of many years, but there is no doubting he managed to create a perfect base to begin with. Like Jennifer, Donna begins her base application by priming the skin with a make- up primer such as Christian Breton’s Radiance Mask or Laura Mercier’s Make- up Primer. ‘Primers are not just expensive gimmicks’, says Donna, but will act as a perfect base, providing a thin veil over which the foundation will glide, preventing the product from seeping into the pores. The base will also last longer and look more natural and luminescent.’ A tiny amount of primer is applied in a similar manner to moisturiser, replacing the moisturiser unless the skin is very dry.


Foundation should only be used to even out skin tone and cover any minor blemishes or flaws. Always match foundation to the skin on the jaw line. A perfect foundation should melt seamlessly into the skin and have no colour tell tale signs. Being Puerto Rican, Jennifer has naturally dark skin, but Donna finds the majority of Irish women are either Christian Breton Nude or Tender Beige. To apply foundation, put a dollop about the size of a 50-cent coin onto the back of a hand. Allow the product to rest for a few moments as many of the dormant ingredients become active at body temperature. Using a flat polyester brush, such as faux’s Foundation Brush, begin application at the centre of the face working outwards. The layer should be thin, with a build up of layers possible if extra coverage is needed.


Jennifer admits she gets the odd spot and is particularly prone to dark circles around the eyes. Many women find concealer to be the most daunting aspect of make- up. If applied incorrectly, it looks awful, but if done correctively the results can be amazing. Concealer for spots is different than concealer used for dark circles. Effective products for camouflaging spots should be hyper- pigmented, matt products, which blend easily over the skin making the blemish seem to disappear. Donna swears by Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage. For clients who want to disguise black circles, Donna firstly primes the under eye area with Christian Breton’s Ice Stick and then applies either a pink- based hyper-pigmented camouflaging cream or a light reflector in a narrow one inch C shape on the skin surrounding the inner corner of the eyes. This is best applied with a fine polyester brush such as faux’s Concealer Brush. Apply the product to the corner of the eye and blend outwards. Blend well. Like Jennifer’s the eyes will appear to have popped open and look much younger and fresher.


Powder helps set Jennifer’s foundation and concealer and provides a layer over which her powder blush and bronzer can be applied. Jennifer uses pearlised, light- reflective powder such as Christian Breton’s Moon Star for her clear skin. Donna recommends sticking to matt powder like Christian Breton’s Just Natural for older or problematic skins, as the pearly products will merely highlight any fine lines, blemishes or imperfections. Loose powder is best applied with a puff in a ‘press and roll’ motion. Using the puff, mop up some product and press lightly onto the face and hold for a few seconds before gently removing the fingers in a rolling motion. Apply to all of the face paying particular attention the oilier T- zone of the forehead, nose and chin. Brush over the face with a large natural- bristled brush, such as faux’s Powder Brush to remove any excess product.


The Cheeks- Sarah Jessica Parker
SJP is undoubtedly one of the first 21st century style and beauty icons. ‘I would not consider SJP to be a natural beauty’, says Donna, yet she managed to carve a name for herself as one of the world’s most stylish and beautiful women.’ SJP is the personification of the typical Manhattan polished look. She does not have the most balanced of features, but focuses on the positive, in the form of her killer cheekbones and plays down the negative. Everybody remembers the opening credits of Sex in the City, where she is walking down a New York road in a ballerina costume, looking so happy and pretty when a bus splashes her. Next time look at her blush, applied using the most natural blushing technique. Blushing mimics the body’s natural response to certain stimuli and is therefore the most natural and pretty way to apply blush. It is essentially the recreation and intensification of a natural glow brought on by certain stimuli such as gentle exercise and pleasure. To achieve this look, use a large flat round- edged natural- fibred brush, such as faux’s Blush Brush. Coat one side of the brush with a powder blush such as Christian Breton Latino and gently tap off excess. Smile and place the centre of the brush at the roundest and fullest part of the cheek, known as the apple. With the rounded edges of the brush facing towards the nose, gently swirl the brush around until its facing the opposite direction and flick out towards the ear. Repeat if necessary.


The Eyebrows- Catherine Zeta Jones
According to Donna, Catherine Zeta Jones has the best eyebrows in Hollywood. ‘There is no doubt Catherine is a natural beauty’, says Donna, ‘but her look has become so polished and groomed since her days as the Welsh Valley girl in The Darling Buds of May. Grooming begins with the eyebrows.’ Eyebrows are perhaps the most important element to giving a face structure and definition. Eyebrow shapes and sizes change with the times, but at the moment, natural but groomed is most fashionable. Donna recommends tweezing with a quality tweezers such as Regine Tweezers, rather than waxing to create a sharper finish. The first half of the brows should remain quite full with the second half tapering into a thin line. The highest point of the arch should be above the pupils and the eyebrow should begin at the point where the brow, the outer nose and the inner corner of the eye meet in a straight line and should go no further than the point at which the outer nose, the outer corner of the eye and the brow meet in a line. Support the skin well when tweezing and remove hair from above as well as below the brow. This will help shape the brow, but the groomed look is down to trimming the hair. Brush the brow hair upwards and cut any hair that goes above the brow line. This will ensure a completely professional finish. Once the brows have been well groomed, it is important to define them. Donna avoids pencilling in eyes, as the results are often harsh. Instead she uses natural brow it is important to prime the skin for make- up. Donna recommends an eye shadow such as Christian Breton’s Bye Bye to fill brows in. Choose colour one or two shades darker than the hair’s natural colour. Using a fine, small, boar bristle, asymmetrical brush, such as faux’s Brow Brush, apply product in brows, defining, filling in gaps and teasing an arch.

The Eyes- Jessica Simpson
Jessica describes her eyes as her best feature and says they help her get what she wants. In her most recent single, ‘These Boots are made for Walking’, she famously sings about her ‘sexy eyes’. Being big, wide, and perfectly defined there is no doubt she has beautiful eyes.


Eye Shadow
‘Jessica keeps her eyelids very clean looking for daywear’, says Donna, ‘but do not be fooled, she is still wearing plenty of product, just in very neutral shades’. The secret to perfect neutral eyeshadow lies in the brushes! Using a sable brush, such as faux’s Eye Shadow brush apply a wash of colour to thinly cover the eye from lashes to brows, using a light taupe such as Christian Breton’s Arrival Champagne. Next, take a light brown, such as Christian Breton’s Urban Light and using a small tapered deer hoof brush, such as faux’s Eye Contouring Brush, sweep it across the crease in the socket blending well. Finally using a medium brown, such as Christian Breton’s Help Taxi! run a fine brush, such as faux’s Eyeliner brush close to the lashes to add definition.


Eye Liner
Eyeliner is a wonderful product to achieve definition of the eyes. It is used outside of the eye. Kohl is also used to add definition, but can be used inside the eye to define the rims. Jessica uses browns and black, as these give the most impact. She keeps the lines very thin and close to the lashes.


Mascara is used to lengthen, define and colour the eyelashes. Indeed, Mascara gives super definition to Jessica’s eyes and further opens her already big eyes. To apply Mascara, close one eye and apply Mascara from above the lashes. This will ensure curl, even coverage and avoid clumping. Starting from the root run the wand along the length of the lashes twirling the wand as you go. Make sure you coat the fine lighter hairs closest to the nose, as this will really give the appearance of larger, more defined eyes. Allow to dry before doing second coat. Comb lashes through after applying the first coat with a metal comb, such as faux’s Lash Comb. Apply a single coat to the lower lashes, also remembering the lighter ones by the nose. If extra definition is required use an eyelash primer, such as Christian Breton’s Eyelash Primer to thicken and lengthen the eyelashes. The primer is a white mascara, which is applied before the first coat of mascara. ‘However,’ says Donna, ‘the absolute top tip I can give anyone looking to recreate large, groomed, professionally made- up eyes, is to use strip lashes. Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson all regularly wear false lashes.’


The Lips- Angelina Jolie
‘Angelina Jolie’s are probably the most famous lips in the world’, says Donna ‘and if rumours are to be believed, they have touched the lips of some of the world’s most desired men such as Brad Pitt and Colin Farrell.’ While it is impossible to increase the actual size of the lips with make- up, it is very possible to create an illusion of fullness and pout. Donna favours lip-glosses for all age groups as they are pretty, fresh and more modern. They are light reflecting and this gives the illusion of a fuller mouth. She starts with a sheer light- coloured lipstick such as Christian Breton’s Tchin Tchin. Using a very fine, small tapered brush, such as faux’s Lip Brush to carefully outline the lips and then fill them in. Lighter colours reflect more light and this makes the lips seem bigger. She uses the gloss on the lips under either side of the Cupid’s bow on the top lip and in the centre of the bottom lip. This strategic use of gloss further emphasises the fullness of the lips, creating the illusion they are larger than they really are.


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