Celebrities to find their match made online

Nobody said being a celebrity was easy. Being famous, finding the perfect one can be a bit of a mission. This is why twice-divorced actress Uma Thurman would like to join a celebrity online dating service. Singletons of Holywood, beware!

Kill Bill beauty, Uma Thurman, isn’t too happy about her love life. After divorcing twice, she has recently split up with her boyfriend of two years Andre Balazs. Thurman, who is also a mum, is now considering a dating service specialized in singleton celebrities. Thurman insists finding love being a celebrity is very difficult, as most men would feel daunted by her public status and nobody would like having to cope with the media circus surrounding her.

So, when we all though celebrities’ lives were all glamour, limousines and shinny perfect families, we discover that VIP’s also have feelings and sometimes, they do suffer from heart break too!

Apparently, getting a date as a famous woman is very hard. According to Thurman, “Any half-bright guy who could have a normal, nice good-looking woman or a famous one – wouldn’t you be smart and pick the nice, normal one? It’s a pain in the neck to be involved with a famous person. I mean, it really costs people something sometimes… Generally, I think it can much more interfere with your life than enhance your life.”

So, since finding a match made in heaven might prove a bit difficult, Thurman is convinced the perfect remedy for famous singletons would be finding a match online.