British groom jailed in Slovakia will make it to his wedding

The British groom jailed in Slovakia for jumping naked into a fountain during his stag night in Bratislava, has been released and he will make it to his wedding.


Stephen Mallone was arrested by Slovakian police after stripping off and jumping into a fountain in Bratislava after a drinking session with his friends.


The groom was facing a two months jail sentence, according to British paper The Telegraph.


His bride, Kerry Stokes, said to the paper earlier this week: “We’ve planned a huge wedding and I’m determined it will go ahead, either on June 15 or later.”


The couple has spent £20,000 on the ceremony and reception, and 250 guests from all over Europe are invited to the celebrations.


After pleas by his parents and British officers, Mallone, from Worcester, was set free on Thursday and he will now make to his wedding day on time.


Bratislava is a popular destinations for stag and hen parties from Britain and Ireland.