Bringing it all down to a matter of Value for Money and Priorities

Bringing it all down to a matter of value for money and priorities by Niamh McInerney, Grace Occasions

Organising a Wedding

Understanding the concept of money is something we’ve been trying to get to grips with since the moment we opened our first Holy Communion cards. By the time we get into our twenties and thirties we believe we have quite a good grasp of it (excluding those momentary lapses), until we start organising a wedding. From then on, money takes on a whole new meaning, and necessitates a rethink of every girl’s wedding wish list. Budgets are worked and reworked and still it seems that even if we could return all those shoes that maxed our Visa card it still wouldn’t even make a dent in the wedding bill.


Clichà ©d as it may sound, every bride wants the perfect venue, the finest food, flawless make-up, the silk designer dress, the works. However, tough decisions lie ahead, with hours of frenzied discussions with husband-to-be trying to justify why everything you want is so expensive. So how do you have the day of your dreams without suffering from debt induced destitution for the next twenty years? How do you distinguish the quality suppliers from those who are only interested in the lucrative nature of the bridal market. There are two key factors to consider, value for money and personal priorities.

Value for Money

If it appears that you are being asked to pay over the odds for any particular service the supplier should be able to clearly explain his prices. The good suppliers will know they are a little more expensive and should be able to tell you in detail how their service is different, what more they offer and why you can expect to be happy with the result. Supplier pricing is usually based on a variety of factors – the value of their equipment, a back-up service, their experience in the market, cost of skilled staff, insurance premiums etc.

Suppliers should also be able to show you recent customer testimonials (or thank you notes) that they have received from happy customers, giving you an insight into their particular strengths. But remember, the highest price does not necessarily guarantee the best service or quality. Some suppliers are just plain and simply over priced. Getting some independent advice can really be beneficial as you can then rest assured you have chosen a high quality supplier who is worth every penny you’ve saved (or borrowed!) to pay him.

Personal Priorities

Secondly, there is the matter of personal priorities. You will be surprised to know you are probably enlisting the services of between six to twelve professionals from photographers to bakers to make-up artists. As it is often not feasible to choose the number one supplier in each category, a couple need to prioritise. Some want spectacular flowers, some love designer suits and shoes and others want a dramatic location that requires a rental fee, so know your personal likes and dislikes.

Deciding on your priorities can be difficult, especially when you have others to consider, especially family. Choosing the â‚ ¬5000 dress may mean having to limit your guest list. This may seem like the perfect solution, but might not go down so well with family and friends! Organising your wedding should not necessitate the commencement of World War Three with you as the first target. Compromise is the key component to success. There is no need to bow to all the requirements of others, but it is important to take on board their suggestions too. It makes the process easier all round.

There are some other thoughts to bear in mind when deciding on your priorities. Some service providers will leave you with a product you will have forever and that will be pasted on for generations. Others though will leave you will happy memories of a truly seamless day with contented and elated guests. At the end of the day making sure you have no regrets is all-important.

Good Planning

To sum up, take advice, shop around, think things through and plan early. There is no magic formula for success but neither is there need for panic or distress. Your wedding day will be a wonderful experience and so should planning it.