Bridal Lingerie Considerations

You’ve bought the dress, planned the hair and matched the flowers. You’ve booked the makeup, timing the tan, had the manicure, pedicure, hangovercure – basically you’ve organised everything about your appearance on the big day, or have you?


It is not enough to look beautiful on the outside, your underwear – or more rightly your lingerie has to be beautiful too. Bridal lingerie is as important on a woman’s wedding day as her bridal gown. Your wedding day is not the time to wear everyday underwear. Bridal lingerie is specially designed to provide additional support and shaping underneath your gown. You’re going to look beautiful, you may as well feel beautiful too.


And It’s not just a vanity. Bridal lingerie, particularly bridal bustiers and bridal corsets, is available in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. Bridal lingerie is intended to provide additional support and shape underneath your bridal gown and should flatter the style of dress you will wear.


The best time to begin bridal lingerie shopping is once you have decided upon your dress. The best place to start is a reputable lingerie shop with staff experienced in fitting bridal lingerie. When shopping for bridal lingerie, it is best to bring your bridal gown to ensure the bridal lingerie enhances the gown, is comfortable and achieves the look you desire. While photos of the bridal gown may provide an idea of the style and look, a fitting of the bridal lingerie with the gown is recommended to ensure the garments are complimentary.


The bridal corset, for example, should not appear above the lip of a low back gown.
If your dress is strapless or an off-the-shoulder style, you might prefer a bustier rather than just a strapless bra. It completely surrounds your torso and at the same time pushes the breasts upward. This style works especially well if you have a full figure or a low cut back.


What about knickers and hosiery? It’s best to choose knickers that are sleek and fit close to the body, and most of all is made of a comfortable fabric for you. If you have a close fitting “sheath” style gown, it will be important to make sure no panty lines are visible.
Often brides find that a one piece body shaper is the best answer-that assures no panty lines and provides a smooth look. Body shapers can also be very helpful for the bride concerned with her torso.


For hosiery it is best to choose a size that fits you very well without bagging or slipping and one that will help support the stress on your legs from being on your feet and in heels for much of the day and evening. Choose good quality hosiery as it will be less prone to snag or tear.


After that, not only will your wear your bridal grown with pleasure, you will also look good for your groom at the end of the evening!