Big wedding fight over who should get a song dedicated first

Some things just shouldn’t happen at a wedding but they do… some families won’t get along, no matter what. But some people can get to extremes. This is the case of the sisters of two newlyweds from Saudi Arabia that started pulling each other’s hair over who would get a dedicated song first.

The conflict started, according to Al-Jazirah newspaper, when the bride’s sister asked the band to play a song dedicated to her newlywed sibling. There is nothing wrong with that, but the groom’s sister didn’t seem to like either the idea or the song. She came into action, claiming that the band should play a song dedicated to her brother first.

The two women couldn’t reach and agreement so they soon started fighting with each other to other guests’ amazement. It seems like the bride and the groom didn’t even get to have a word over the whole conflict, with all the shouting and the screaming.

But the row didn’t stop there. Once passed the initial puzzlement, women from both families also took sides and ended up involved in the fight too, scratching, poking the eyes and pulling hair of the women from the “rival family”. Shoes, chairs and all sorts of objects flew around the wedding venue that probably looked more like a war zone than a lovely romantic wedding ceremony.

The grandmothers of the two families had to intervene to stop the fight and it seems like they managed to get their female relatives to calm down.

After all the trouble and with all the noise the women were making, they probably didn’t even notice which song went first.