Best wedding news of 2006: Aladdin marries Prince Charming

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Dressed up as Aladdin, Little Britain’s Matt Lucas married his Prince Charming, television producer Kevin McGee, just before Christmas.

400 guests attended the pantomime themed wedding party. Graham Norton, Courtney Loved dressed as the queen of Hearts, Jonathan Ross, Elton John as Captain Hook and Lucas’s comedy partner David Walliams, were in the celebrity wedding guests list.

For the civil partnership ceremony at Home House private members’ club, the grooms-to-be chose more ‘serious’ outfits, though. Lucas wore a navy blue corduroy velvet suit and rose-patterned tie while McGee wore a dark grey suit with black piping.

The ‘only gay in the village’ and his husband posed for the media before joining their friends and families on their panto wedding reception, while curious onlookers blocked the traffic.

“The ceremony went very well. It was lovely. We had lots of good wishes from the public, thank you very much,” said Lucas.

Lucas and McGee met three years ago and got engaged in May. In an interview with Michael Parkinson last autumn the comedian announced his wedding plans. “We are very much in love, but also it’s important that gay couples have the same rights as straight couples.”