Beat post nuptial depression

Party is over, wedding cake is finished and you are broke. Specialists estimate one every ten newlyweds suffer from post nuptial depression. These are some reasons why you shouldn’t let post wedding sadness beat you.

Feeling a bit depressed after your wedding day is normal. As normal as feeling down when you come back from your hot summer holidays and discover the weather is as awful as ever. Post nuptial depression is like combining post holiday blues and post Christmas celebrations mood, and adding a little bit on top of that.

You have been running around very busy for months, being the center of attention, getting lots of nice words from family and friends, having a great time at your reception and relaxing during your honeymoon. All of a sudden, all that excitement is finished.

It shouldn’t last more than a few days or a couple of weeks, everybody is different, but if you are still feeling depressed after a month maybe you should get some professional help. These are some tips to help you pass this rocky post nuptial patch:

-Don’t let money be an issue. Adjust to a budget while planning, so you will not feel so suffocated by bills and debts.

-Plan nights out with friends and other social events for after your wedding and honeymoon.

- Consider having your honeymoon a few of weeks after the wedding day, so the celebrations won’t come and go all at the same time.

-Don’t open all the presents in one go.

-Keep yourself active: go back to work and your normal activities.

-Engage yourself in a new project, like learning a language, joining a course or a sport club.

-Don’t change your life 100% while planning. That will make the after-wedding process much easier.

-Pack your gown and throw away all the wedding magazines.

-Living together before marriage is a good ‘practice’. Some couples have great expectations for their newlyweds’ life and they get disappointed when they face everyday life together. Getting married means too many changes and it is difficult to cope. Post nuptial stress could lead to doubts of the kind ‘am I doing the right thing?’ Living together you will know each other better and after-celebration-stress will not affect your relationship.