Award-winning Makeup Artist Lorna Farrelly’s top tips on making it up the aisle smiling.

The most perfect day of your life…? Probably. The most stressful experience of your life…? Almost definitely! Weddings are a complicated affair and even though it will all work out in the end, getting there can be a major headache for the bride to be. Any bridal makeup artist worth their salt can tell you that getting the bride up the aisle cheerful and relaxed is as much of an art as the final makeup itself!


Here are a few tips to help make your journey towards your big day a little easier:



  • Choose your makeup artist and hairstylist carefully. Make sure and have a good long chat with them before you even consider going for a trail. The vibe that they give off and the ideas they have should make a pretty strong impact on you. Remember, they’re going to be involved in one of the most intimate mornings of your life and will definitley see you at your worst! You’ve got to trust them and be sure that you click.
  • Before going for a trial, make sure that you have chosen your wedding and bridemaid dresses. Have swatches of the material and good clear photos of the dress. I design the final looks around the colours and styles of the dresses not just the brides colouring herself.
  • Start your new skincare regime as soon as possible before the big day…sounds obvious I know but you wouldn’t believe how many brides turn up on their wedding morning with spots, flakey skin or clogged pores. No matter how good the makeup is, you will never get that radiant glow if the skin isn’t well prepared underneath.
  • Delegate tasks. And try and give the jobs to those who will enjoy them. In my experience mass booklets are always the source of most stress in the days running up to the wedding. Ask one friend or couple to take care of this for you. Let the printing, folding and distributing all up to them. They can even do it as a wedding gift for you! Trust me on this one!
  • Fake tan. Two words that can strike fear into the heart of any makeup artist! Done incorrectly it can positively ruin the final look.Personally and professionally, I use St. Tropez. My brides are always delighted with the level of contol it allows so they can have the exact depth of colour that they desire.
  • Avoid alcohol for the month or so coming up to the day. I know, I know! It’s so difficult to imagine the run up to the wedding without the odd few glasses of vino but your body and mind will thank you for it. It dehydrates the skin, causes cellulite, disturbs sleep and certainly contributes to stress. Not a great look for a blushing bride!
  • Anyone that knows me will tell you that I am an eyebrow fanatic. Remember, those pictures are going to be around forever….and yes, fashions change but a great classic brow shape will stand the test of time. Please give up the waxing and home tweezing and get them sorted professionally. This is is of paramount importance to every woman but particularly brides to be. Eyebrow evenings have become a very popular service of mine. Do try to get the bridal party together, Mums, bridesmaids and sisters, anybody who will feature in the wedding photos and book your first session with me three to six months before the big day.


Any other queries or advice regarding your wedding or any of the services mentioned above, don’t hesitate to call.


Now get started on looking the best you’ve ever looked!


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