Arriving To Your Wedding In Style

wedding venuesYou may not realise it, but the important things in wedding planning is the small details that reflect your personal touch. One small detail you might overlook is your wedding transport. Do not settle for anything less, as every bride should arrive in style. This doesn’t mean though that your only options are luxury wedding cars. Depending on your wedding theme or location, here are some transport options you might want to consider:

Horse and Carriage

This is the ultimate choice for any bride who has always dreamed of having a fairy tale wedding. This is an ideal way to make your wedding more magical and romantic. The biggest make or break factor in choosing a horse and carriage is the wedding location. Make sure that the ceremony site and reception venue are not too far from each other if you want to choose this type of transport.

A Vintage Car

Vintage cars are classy and quirky at the same time. For any couple who want to vintage wedding theme or just want to ride a classic car, this is the perfect choice. This will make your wedding more memorable as vintage cars are not as popular as limos or modern cars.

A Modern Car

Wedding car hire companies often have many of these available on your wedding day. Choose a Bentley or a Rolls Royce and arrive in style.

A Limo

If you want more space and comfort as you reach your wedding site, you could choose a limo. Choosing a limo is perfect for anyone who wants to have a small group of their loved ones inside her bridal car to keep her company during the ride to the church.

A Boat

If you are having a wedding at the beach, you could arrive by boat, which would definitely surprise and impress everyone at your wedding.

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